Touching is a stage of what exists, deals with the life of forms and possibilities they have to find their measure, to lay their bodies down soberly. TOCCARE the White Dance, in their choreographic thought, intend to implement an aesthetic experience which reveals the power of touching as a fundamental gesture of the world, both the sensitive and insensitive one of the bodies, simple intimacy of a feeling radically open. This primacy of touching is to be intended in the context of a thought for which the main feature of existence is its being singular-plural, recognising that we are already open to the other from both the inside and the outside. Touching the other means touching all the potential others, including their own person, the insensitive in the sensitive; it means thinking radically about the nature of time and being.

Touching is therefore intended as approaching to the world of a subject which is infinite exposure. Being side by side in the composition of bodies without predicting the return to themselves, moving the extension and extending the emotion in a simultaneity that collides with existence itself. Bodies touching and, by doing so, become flesh. Touching in a detached way, without domain, like enchanted in an expressive power which incorporates all eyes of ecstatic interlude on itself. Not exerting all our powers means activating a takeover that does not own. Disarming the tyranny of a body colonised by permanent profit means practicing a movement that is contagiously and joyfully alive. The activation of erotic body abandoned by hyper sexualized narcissism that builds isolating architecture is a political problem and, overall, a common responsibility without calculation which we share with all human and non-human beings, it is an aesthetic dimension which puts us in contact with the fullness of nothingness, at the core of matter and with sensual qualities of a world that is not World anymore, for ecology with no return.

Choreography Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Dance Annamaria Ajmone, Jari Boldrini, Sara Sguotti, Kenji Paisley-Hortensia ,Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Music Les Pièces de clavecin di Jean-Philippe Rameau

Adaptation, musical director and harpsichord Ruggero Laganà

Flute Antonella Bini

Drums Elio Marchesini

Set & Light design Gianni Staropoli

Technical Director Andrea Violato

Creative Producer Silvia Albanese

Costumes Boboutic ss20

Production TIR Danza

Coproduction MilanOltre, Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino– Teatro Nazionale in the project “Corpo Links Cluster,”sostenuto dal Programma di Cooperazione PC INTERREG V-A Italia-Francia (ALCOTRA 2014-2020)

With the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | ProgettoPrendersiCura,

Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, LFKs Collective – Campus Sup de Sub

Residences at Lavanderia a Vapore, Centro di Residenza del Piemonte eMembro della rete EDN European Dancehouse Network nell’ambito diTorinodanza 2020, CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza_Passo Nord,Corniolo Art Platform

Creation realised during MITO SettembreMusica

Debut 14 settembre 2020, Torinodanza Festival

Replicas 17th-18th September 2020, MilanOltre Festival

Award Danza & Danza 2020 Best Production